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What 11 Real Users Do with an OLFA Multi-Purpose Metal Pick

What 11 Real Users Do with an OLFA Multi-Purpose Metal Pick

While a utility knife’s defining feature is a sharp, durable blade, some knives include a little something extra to make them even more useful on the jobsite.

We asked our Instagram followers how they use the multi-purpose metal pick on OLFA utility knives, and these were our favorite responses:

1.  @toolsbydesign found it valuable for prep work, saying, “The rear metal pick on the OLFA LA-X proved excellent at picking out the grout in preparation for the color-matched caulk. These OLFA snap blade knives are really versatile. The fiberglass reinforced handle is strong enough to really put some pressure on it.”

2. On paint days, @B.Bottesi turns to the LA-X to pop those cans open, calling it his “new favorite knife”!

3. @Tools_at_work said the pick is “very handy” – acknowledging that we’ve all used the blade on other knives “to pry [open] stuff we should not have and just end[ed] up snapping the blade.” (Admit it, you’re guilty, too.)

4. OLFA, how does @the_makita_guy love thee? Let us count the ways – stripping wire and cutting cardboards and stickers are just a few of the uses this pro mentions: “I’ve used it for all sorts of stuff … Plus, it’s made in Japan, so it doesn’t get much better than that.”

5. While @powell_decor isn’t a fan of certain paint tins that shall remain nameless, this pro IS a “big fan of the OLFA, though.”

6. @jr_rustic likes the L-5 for opening paint cans, but says the multi-purpose metal pick has “many, many uses.” (Shout out to @femia.contracting for commenting on this post that it’s their “absolute favorite”!)

7. One tool rules them all, according to @jamielock8191: “Any time a company can add something to an already streamlined design [to] boost its versatility, it definitely catches my attention. Besides razor-sharp, depth-adjustable blades, the @olfacuts LA-X incorporates a simple yet super effective smooth blade at the back of the grip, and so far it’s a killer.”

8. The LA-X is a shop-apron staple for @asliverofwood: “Opening paint and stain cans and removing staples from lumber are some of my least favorite things to do in the shop, but the OLFA LA-X makes it almost enjoyable! Thanks @olfacuts for making something so useful!”

9.  Can’t find your screwdriver? @hhprogressiveconstruction has got a solution: “Who needs a screwdriver anyways when you have an @olfacuts knife?!”

10.  @wallace_construction_maint says: “getting it cleaned out it’s time for fresh silicone.”

11.  And when you least expect it, your OLFA will save the day, just ask @bsh_enterprise: “This was my day…lumber has been onsite for 3 weeks uncovered!!! So [it] was nicely frozen! Our other crew said it was too cold to work on the last 2 weeks. Not me I built a deck at a cottage….wimps I tell ya!! Thank God for this @olfacuts! Was perfect for prying apart these popsicles!”


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