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Introducing the MXP Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives

Introducing the MXP Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives

The most-used tool in your toolbox just became one of the toughest. We’re excited to announce the new OLFA® MXP-L and MXP-AL Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives, specifically designed from one uniform piece of durable aluminum. We’ve updated our legendary blade with die-cast handles for an added level of precision that increases both comfort and the knives’ rugged durability.

Covering the stainless steel blade channel, the die-cast aluminum knife handle features an anti-slip grip that wraps around the back of the tool to make sure you always have the proper grip while you work.

The knives come in two variations:

  • The MXP-L features OLFA’s classic ratchet locking mechanism, but this time we pumped up the size on it for greater control and created it with a single piece of pressure-formed metal to keep it from breaking or any other issues.
  • The MXP-AL features an oversized auto-locking mechanism that slides to the perfect length and stays put, only moving when you want it to move. Its ultra-slim profile doesn’t interfere with the grip, making it still comfortable to hold in the hand.
  • Both knives also feature a tethering hole at the end of the tool, so securing it is easy.

We spoke with Cassie, our Brand Manager on the Pro side of OLFA: “The aluminum die-cast bodies of the MXP-L and MXP-AL bring a new level of lightweight durability to our lineup. The over-sized grip fits comfortably in your hand and the rubber wrap-around grip helps wick moisture away from the handle and maintain control of the knife. Plus, their all-metal design makes them more durable than ever before.”

Both knives feature the OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Premium blades, which are double-honed to be 25 percent sharper than standard silver blades. The angle and initial sharpness on these blades make sure you’re delivering a super clean and smooth cut for almost any application. Plus, you know our blades feature eight snap-off edges, so your knife is always sharp. Just snap off the blade for a fresh cutting edge or change out full blades quick and easy, keeping it tool free.

OLFA® MXP-L and MXP-AL Die-Cast Aluminum Utility Knives are available now; contact your OLFA representative or call 1-800-962-OLFA (6532) for more information.